Intensive Courses

Here’s what some of them have said:

“This was a very useful and intensive week. The quality of the teaching was superb. I appreciated your patience a lot and could feel that you were very concerned that I made real progress. I would definitely recommend you to friends and colleagues. Thanks a lot for this very useful week."  Florence, Brand Manager, Unilever, France

"The quality of the teaching was excellent and very logical. I liked everything. It opened my eyes to see my level of English. Thanks for taking care of us."  Minni, Business Relations Manager, Elcoteq, Finland

"The programme content was excellent. The time went quickly. The days were long but fruitful. Sara is a very good teacher - not letting us get away with anything easily.  She also has a good sense of humour!" Minna, Communications Executive, Elcoteq, Finland

"Sara, this was my best 'seminar' ever! I learnt a lot of marketing/ presentation etc. Thanks for this fantastic and very interesting week.”  Klaus, Head of Sales, Cognis, Germany

 “I am very happy with the coaching I have received.  I have learnt many useful marketing expressions and widened my business vocabulary.  This will be very helpful at my new job!”  Edina, Marketing Manager, Orange, UK